Is the car head normal or damaged how to distinguish?

    Different types of suspended ball heads, the McPherson independent suspension has only the steering ball head, and the bottom support ball head. And multi-link suspension is more than the upper and lower control arm bracket of the ball head turned to the direction of a ball head can feel the freedom of the steering wheel volume within 15 degrees commonly, if more than, at the same time the direction of a person a person touched turned to ball head, can feel tie rod east and horn, suggesting that steering ball head and wear large, need to change the support of ball head and the control arm ball head need to lift the car, make the wheel off the ground, a man up and down drag tires, feeling kuang quantity, tyre can easily move up and down means that quantity of ball head kuang, need to change. Which wear badly needs to see the corresponding ball head move no matter what kind of ball head and wear serious, can feel the wheel wobbling beat at low speed, steering insensitive ball head damage, and loss by the rust. This generally can see the ball head of the rubber sleeve is broken, oil leakage, to the blunt.