Advantages and disadvantages of six common vehicles.

    When it comes to buying a car or a car, the first concern may be price, configuration, power and appearance. But in fact, for the ride comfort, the manipulation of the huge impact is the suspension system. If you care about the two aspects of the car, you really need to pay special attention to the suspension configuration of the car. So how do you choose a suspension that works for you? Yuhuan loiteng machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Offers all kinds of advantages and disadvantages of 5 kinds of automobile suspension in the market.

    1. Drag arm suspension.

    Drag arm suspension or half independent suspension, trailing arm suspension itself has the disadvantage of the independent suspension but at the same time, it has both the advantages of independent suspension, trailing arm type suspension is one of the biggest advantages is about two rounds of the space is larger, and there is no change in the camber Angle of body, shock is not bending stress, so the friction is small. This suspension of comfort and handling are limited, in addition to the car when the brakes heavier will be sinking, trailing arm suspension rear wheel may also be sinking balance the body, so we can not provide precise geometry control. Different manufacturers have different names for this kind of suspension, such as longitudinal arm torsion beam independent suspension, longitudinal arm torsion beam non-independent suspension, h-type vertical swing arm suspension and so on.

    2. McPherson independent suspension.

    The McPherson suspension is one of the most widely used cars. The McVerson suspension consists of a spiral spring, a shock absorber, and a triangular lower arm. It is characteristic of helical spring set on the shock absorber, shock absorber can be avoided when the spring force forward, backward, left, right, the phenomenon of migration, limit the vibration of spring can make up and down direction, and can use shock absorber stroke length and tightness, thus setting the hard and soft and performance of the suspension. Its structure is simple so it is lightweight and responsive. And in a pillar under the geometric structure of the rocker arm and can automatically adjust the wheel camber Angle, let it can adaptive pavement when cornering, to maximize the grounding area of the tire, but McPherson suspension on the comfortableness of driving performance is satisfactory, but due to its structure for the tube, the impact on the left and right, lack of blocking force braking resistance to nod effect is poorer, suspension stiffness weak, poor stability, turning roll is obvious.

    3. Bifurcated arm type independent suspension.

    There are a lot of similarities between bifurcated arm suspension and McPherson suspension, and the two-arm swing design is more athletic than the McPherson suspension. More than McPherson suspension double cross arm on a rocker arm, not only take up larger space, and its positioning parameters are difficult to determine, so the small car front axle generally don't use this suspension in consideration of space and cost. Structure using fluctuation range and long fork arm on next short length (), let the wheel up and down movement can automatically change the camber Angle and wheel track changes decrease the tire wear, the road, and the adaptive tyre grounding area is large, and stick to good. The bifurcated arm suspension is a suspension for sports, while the ferrari, porsche, maserati and other supercars are all used in front suspension.

    4. Multi-link independent suspension.

    Multi-link suspension can be divided into multi-link front suspension and multi-link rear suspension system. The front suspension is usually 3-link or 4-link independent suspension; After the suspension is for connecting rod 4 or 5 commonly rod suspension system, after the multi-link suspension can be greatly reduced from the road before and after the direction of the force, so as to improve the speed and braking on the ride comfort and comfort, but also can guarantee the stability of the straight line driving. Multi-link suspension performance is very good, comfortable performance and also two double cross arm suspension, luxury cars because plenty of space, and pay attention to how comfortable performance manipulation stability mostly use the multi-link suspension, luxury cars to say the multi-link suspension is the perfect partner.

    5. Suspension of connecting rod supports.

    The connecting rod support is the same as the McPherson suspension, which is used to support the body of the vehicle as well as the shock absorber. He assembles the shock absorber, the vibration damper, into an assembly. The connecting rod strut also has A large shock absorber strut, and the lower part of the body connection with the a-frame control arm is changed to three connecting rods. The lateral force produced by the turn is mainly borne by the shock absorber strut and tie rod. It has similar control performance with McPherson suspension, and has higher connection stiffness than McPherson and relatively good anti-roll performance. However, there is also the disadvantage of McFson suspension, which is that the stability is not good, and the steering side is still large, which needs to be equipped with a balance beam to reduce the inclination.

    Relative trailing arm torsion beam, it meet the requirements of the structure of the fully independent suspension, and the moving parts quality is light, hang good responsiveness, comfort and handling than trailing arm torsion beam, but is less than the real multi-link suspension. However, the occupancy space is less than the real multi-link suspension, and the cost is lower than that of the multi-link suspension. Therefore, it is adopted by many manufacturers.

    6. Air suspension

    The air suspension system is based on the elastic element of air spring, and the compressibility of gas is used to achieve its elastic function. The internal pressure can be adjusted automatically with the change of load and road conditions. For example, the suspension can be stiffened to improve the stability of the car. At low speed, the control unit will improve the cushioning comfort by softening the suspension according to the road condition. When the wheel is impacted by the ground, the acceleration is one of the parameters of the air spring. For example, the air springs and shock absorbers of the outer wheel will stiffen automatically to reduce the side tilt of the body (equivalent to the anti-roll bar). In emergency braking, the electronic module will also strengthen the rigidity of the front wheel spring and shock absorber to reduce the inertia of the body. So cars with air springs have higher control limits and comfort than other cars.