How to maintain the car in the spring?

    The car from the winter mode gradually transition to the spring mode, many parts need special maintenance to make them revitalized, the Spring Festival to the maintenance of the car?

    1, lubricating oil

    The lubricating oil in use after a period of time, due to air oxidation, pollution will make its own quality decline and loss of lubrication protective effect on engine and so on time according to the season, it is very necessary to replace the lubricating oil. In addition, when choosing the viscosity of lubricating oil, the load, speed and wear of the engine must also be considered.

    2, tire pressure

    The warming after the regulation of tire pressure become attention priority among priorities, not only to check the tire tread and appearance, wear, but also check the tire pressure, it is best to nitrogen, because nitrogen is inert gas, not with temperature rise and expansion.

    3, air conditioning clean

    Spring wind, dry, long time not clean, mildew will occur, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria. Therefore, before the use of air conditioning, in addition to cleaning the water tank, condenser surface, but also to clean the air conditioning system, sterilization, replace the air conditioning filter. After this treatment can be assured and bold use of air conditioning.